NuniToolbox (.NET Universal Toolbox)

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NuniToolbox is a collection of common functions for the lazy programmer.



  • Collections
    • Extension methods on IEnumerable and ICollection for iterating, grouping, sorting, shuffling and adding items
    • ExtendedObservableCollection class for optimized adding of many items or replacing all items with only one changed event at the end of the operation
  • Enum
    • Support for translating enum values into display strings
  • Model
    • Base classes for model objects
  • Objects
    • Extension methods for shallow and deep copy
  • Time
    • Different classes for date and time only
    • Helper methods for weekdays, months and years


  • Commands
    • Implementation of a simple command taking delegates for the Execute and CanExecute logic
  • Converters
    • Boolean algebra
    • null to bool or Visibility
    • Empty collection to bool or Visibility
    • Common conversions for displaying purposes
  • ViewModel
    • Base class for view model objects
    • Ready to use view model for selections
    • Special view model for window content


NuniToolbox is licensed under the MIT license.